Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy

Compassionate, vibrational intervention for mind-body health & pain management

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What is it

Meta (from the Greek μετα-, meta-, meaning “after” or “beyond”) is a prefix meaning more comprehensive or transcending.

Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy (McBT) is an intuitive combination of non-invasive techniques to facilitate transcendence of the current 'pain-program' using vibrations and frequencies to restore systemic balance in the physiology.

If circumstances allow, positive aspects of reiki, hypnotherapy, CBT or NLP will be used to assist with emotional traumas. A complete session includes a full body reset of the nervous, endocrine and meridian system to cleanse and mobilise suspended energies from the cellular body (soma) and bio-energetic imprints.

Initial Consultations are available for those who are interested to uncover symptomatic conditions using Healy Resonance technology. For a full body re-set only (without inner work), please book in for Sonopuncture.

McBT goes beyond uncovering what works with real people in real sessions regardless of the issue. Experience the benefits of this unique program to relieve and empower yourself from unexplained pain conditions so permanent powerful transformation can happen.

Who can benefit?

Anyone ready for change - this treatment is especially helpful for mind-body pain patients. McBT is a complementary treatment to allopathic medicine for psychosomatic conditions.

  • Psychosomatic conditions are symptoms of bodily dysfunction emerging from mental or emotional discordance

  • When an initial psychosomatic pain remains undiagnosed, it eventually evolves, or devolves, into its own dis-ease. At this stage, pain is no longer indicative of another prognosis — it is the prognosis

  • A common misconception is that psychosomatic conditions are imaginary or “all in the head.” But in reality, physical symptoms of psychosomatic conditions are real and require treatment just as any other illness would. Unfortunately, effective treatment isn’t always readily available.


How is this different

McBT adopts an inside-out approach to treatment. Your own physiology and inner state dictates how this process will occur. Treatment is followed in an intuitive, rather than predictable way so each session is unique at different points in time. No two session is ever the same.

Some common psychosomatic issues worked with include:

  • Skin disorders such as eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis

  • Sleeping problems or insomnia related to chronic fatigue, acute exhaustion, anxiety, stress, depression, restlessness

  • Physical pain from neurological conditions related to traumatic injuries, PTSD or childhood abuse

  • General sense of worry or un-wellness manifesting as pain conditions in any parts of the body

  • Respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disturbances, hypertension, ulcers, tension headaches, migranes


Aim of treatment

This treatment seeks to restore the greatest balance possible (homeostasis) for the healing of body and mind within a unified field. There is an inherent tendency towards this balance, where the therapeutic process of psychosomatic condition can be permanently resolved.

Some important understanding of this process includes:

  • The establishment of a clear and appropriate intention at the beginning of the session

  • Aligning with the quantum zero-point field within so deeper self-corrective forces can work naturally

  • The phrase 'Time is a great healer' applies here, as time equals space. Creating space during this treatment allows for a wisdom-based transformation and healing to occur

  • Certain chronic issues might need up to 3-4 sessions to be resolved, although follow up maintenance visits are scheduled at your own discretion

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  • Private consultations are usually conducted within 90-120 minutes in person on the Gold Coast

  • If there is persistent underlying stress in the body, ancient sound instruments are used to engage the body’s internal network of connective tissue (fascia) to release traction and reduce previously formed adhesions

  • Initial consultations are available if requested using an FDA approved Healy resonance device. These sessions are helpful for those who wish to delve deeper into their own bio-energetic field prior to a private consult

Kind words from others

" recent treatment was so beneficial to my needs I had two consecutively, which provided the guidance I sought for so long. The pain in my ribs have cleared and I now feel centered with a purpose. Thank you for this life-changing experience..."

"...those red dots left my face immediately and you lifted all of the triggers I was holding onto and lightened my load. I feel lighter. Thank you so much for your loving treatment. I also feel a lot more relaxed when I think of past stressful events..."

"...really enjoyable, relaxing and calming. It has helped me sleep really well and my eczema has not returned. Thank you for doing such a great job..."

" breathing problems have cleared 90% of the time. I am just in awe every time I have a session, they leave me speechless. Much gratitude..."

" of my most profound experience in emotional healing. I've learned so much in just one treatment. Thank you so much for holding space for me to release pent up energies in my body..."

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Founder Profile

Aknes Kendra is a scholarly student of both Eastern & Western spiritual science. She is also highly engaged in a diverse field of metaphysical tools such as astrology and sound healing. In her early life, she was educated in classical music, natural sciences and currently finalising her PhD. Owing to these varying experiences, Aknes has found her natural ability to consistently help others explore practical science based, soul orienting solutions to relieve emotional stress and ‘unfinished baggage.’

Aknes Kendra started practising Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy after working with people suffering from different pain conditions. The development of this unique therapy was years in the making as Aknes distils the essence of her own healing experience and self-study around spirituality, holistic health, mental wellness and freedom from pain. The sharing of her own research and insights in these topics inspire people to see through new eyes, empowering them to realise their own inherent potential for inner freedom and wellbeing.


  • Diploma in Pianoforte Royal Academy of Music, London UK

  • BA Degree (Honors) in Economics, Management, HR & Accounting, Perth Australia

  • Certification for Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) with Marisa Peer, London UK

  • Certification for Tibetan Singing Bowls Biofield Therapy, Gold Coast Australia

  • Certification for Nervous System, Endocrine System & Meridians with Tuning Forks, USA

  • Certification for Reiki 2 (Usui Original), Gold Coast Australia

  • Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) Certification, QUT Brisbane Australia

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